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About The School

History:  Holy Cross Greek School has been in the Bay Area since 1966.  It
offers a well-rounded academic Greek education to students from preschool
through 6th grade, an adult class and a Greek language certification
preparation program. It is a strong program that complements the curriculum
established by the Greek Ministry of Education.

In addition to the above programs, we also offer the Belmont Greek School
summer camp that takes place after school ends.

For more details about the Greek School history
click here.

Philosophy:  We believe learning is a lifelong process.  Our ancient
philosophers said “Γηράσκω αεί Διδασκόμενος” which means “I Always Learn
as I Age”.  Education is both intellectually and morally intertwined with self-
esteem and discipline.  Our goal is to focus on each student’s abilities and
help him/her grow to their full potential!

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Greek school is to provide
education and instruction of the Greek language, culture, and heritage; to
enhance bi-cultural and bilingual awareness; and to promote the moral and
ethical values of the Greek Orthodox families.

Objectives:  The objectives of the Greek school are to present all aspects of
the Modern Greek language to its students, including vocabulary-building,
reading, writing and grammar with emphasis on conversation.  Greek poems,
prayers, songs and dances are used to teach the students about the Greek
culture, heritage, religion and history.

Methodology:  Text books, supplementary learning material (videos, DVDs,
computers and interactive programs) are used as educational tools.
Textbooks are approved and provided by the Greek Ministry of Education and
the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Department of Greek Education.
Supplementary learning materials are ordered directly from Greece for class
use or as a source of homework assignments to better challenge the students
to achieve the Greek educational system expectations.
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