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Father Peter Salmas
Spiritual Director

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PTO Board

Kleon Skourtis
Assistant Director

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PTO Members at Large

Katina Mandas-Giannakakos
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The page will be updated shortly. Below is a partial list.

The administration of the Greek School is composed of our spiritual leader Fr. Peter Salmas,
our directors, our teachers and PTO board/members. They work together in trust and mutual
respect to build an educational program that responds to the challenges of our times in
preserving our Greek language and culture.
(c) 2006-2017  Belmont Holy Cross Greek School. All rights reserved.
The Belmont Greek School PTO Board is a nonprofit parent teacher organization based on
voluntary participation. The purpose of this organization is to:

  • establish a close relationship between home and school
  • coordinate and assist with school sponsored events and activities
  • raise funds for supplemental educational materials and learning tools

To support us in raising funds,
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  • promote awareness about the school within the wider Greek community
  • maintain communication and cooperation between parents, teachers and administrators
    to help ensure that students receive the best education possible.
PTO Board Officers

Lydia Alexander
PTO President
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Peter Tzifas
PTO Secretary
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