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Classes begin in September and end in June. For specific dates please check our calendar.

For further information please contact the following staff:

Lydia Alexander Kapoor at, or
RIka Tsitsinia at, or
Katerina Papachristou Chioti at

During the month of May, the Greek school conducts an open visit program where the
parents of both new and returning students can visit any class during regular class hours.
contact us in advance with the date and grade you would like to visit.

  • Returning students are automatically re-enrolled via NeatSchool.
  • New students should go through the evaluation process to be placed in the
    appropriate class/program before school starts.

Both members and non members of the Holy Cross Church are welcome. Students must be
at least 3 years old by December. Knowledge of the Greek language is not a prerequisite. An
evaluation for proper placement is required for new students.

Parents must complete the required enrollment for all students online. A yearly fee is
required for all students applying for each calendar year. Each class will be offered if a
sufficient number of enrollments get fulfilled and it is in the discretion of the administration to
decide the class formation.

Parents will be able to access a lot of information online using the Belmont Greek School
portal. If you haven't registered to use the portal you can find detailed instructions on how to
get started

Fees for members and non members are listed here.

The rules of the school.
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